Weird Wide World March 2010

Florida Woman Beat Man with Meat

A Florida woman is accused of beating a man with a piece of raw meat, according to the Associated Press. Police say that 53-year-old Elise Egan admitted to slapping the disabled man “so that he could learn,” but did not admit to attacking him with meat.

An Honest Thief

Police in Kentucky say they caught 32-year-old Derek Kidd with his hands in the cookie jar … pretty much literally. Just an hour after being released from jail, Kidd found himself right back in — because police say on his way out he tried to steal two candy bars and a police hat. Stanley Wright of Ohio allegedly stuffed several hundred dollars worth of clothing under his shirt and down his pants. Then, strangely, filled out a job application, using his correct address before leaving.

 Damp Laundry

When Thomas Schultz’s neighbour’s laundry was continually damp she installed CCTV cameras to find out what was going on- only to discover that he was coming into her house at odd hours and urinating on her clothes.

 The Great Bee Exodus

The California Highway Patrol said eight to 12 million honey bees escaped from the crates in which they were stored when the truck they were being transported in overturned on the road in Sacramento, California. The truck was carrying over 400 beehives with 30,000 bees in each.