Weird Wide World February 2010

 Katrina Victims Sue Companies for Hurricane

A group of Hurricane Katrina victims are suing oil companies such as Shell, BP and Exxon Mobil in a class action for damages resultant from the Hurricane. They argue that since the companies run the energy and fossil fuel industries and these industries produce greenhouse gases, which cause global warming, and global warming makes hurricanes worse. They believe that they are owed compensation.


Cabin Crew Sentenced to Jail for Texts

Reuters reports that two cabin crew members with Emirates Airlines have been sentences to jail time for sending sexually explicit text messages. They were convicted of “coercion to commit sin”, and sentenced to three months imprisonment.


Dentist Used Paper Clips in Surgeries

A former Massachusetts dentist is accused of placing paper clips instead of stainless steel posts inside the teeth of root canal patients while billing Medicaid for the more expensive parts. He is accused of assault, battery, larceny, illegally subscribing drugs and submitting false claims to Medicaid.


Hostile Eviction in China

Chinese property developers, with aid from the police force, confronted 70 year old Wang Cuyun, with the intention of bulldozing her property. She was beaten with a stick and thrown into a ditch in the ensuring struggle, and the property developers buried her alive. By the time she was found, she had already died. The Chinese government has suppressed internal reporting of the incident.