Namaste on my Shelf: 7 Books Every Yoga Teacher Needs

Long before I started my yoga teacher training, I had started to collect books about yoga. This was partially because I love books (duh), but there were other reasons too. I was doing quite a lot of home practice because I was trying to get much better at poses that challenged me- and there was no guarantee that an instructor in a class would cover the poses I wanted to learn more about. On top of that, I didn’t want to just fling my body into the poses; at best, I’d be doing a passable impersonation- but at worst, I’d injure myself. The books gave me alignment pointers and gateway stages to hitting advanced poses.

Ever since I completed training and became an actual instructor, I’ve relied on my books more than ever before. I want students to feel safe with me- which means I have a responsibility to make my knowledge as wide as possible. The below is a series of books that I think all yoga teachers should have on the shelf- for reference, for inspiration and for a little bit of fun.

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