iPod, iDrop

It is usually at this time of the year that I decide to do something completely harebrained. True to form, this year I gave in to peer pressure (and industry pressure!) and bought an iPod on impulse. Frankly my parents had iPods before

I did; this was not due to my inherent lack of access to music or anything. It was just that until this point I always used a Creative Zen and it suited me grand. Of course, in typical fashion, I ran out of space on every smaller MP3 Player and I was really forced to branch out.

Hence the 160GB iPod Classic that now follows me everywhere. Given the fact that it cost me a small fortune (actually, it cost my father a small fortune, if we want to be proper about it), I immediately began to worry about losing it. This happens every time I buy something new and relatively expensive. What I didn’t realise until very recently is just how much I have to lose if I misplace my bag or ifs aid bag gets saturated (which it does obviously)- or dropped on cement.

First, there’s the netbook, which was €400. My phone was €170. The iPod was a steal at €229- and my beloved Amazon Kindle (yeah yeah, nerd, I know) was €250. On the average day, these are all in my bag. That has started to worry me because I’ve never even considered insuring any of these things, and added together that’s a whole lot of money I have to lose. And it’s the same, if not worse, for others. Some people bring Macbooks and HP Laptops to college; some of them have cost over €l 000 all on their own- not to mind iPhones, iPods and other paraphernalia that we actually cannot live without anymore.

This is unlikely to; have worried anyone else; I’m an anorak about  some things, and I know I’d be in tears if I ever lost one of those tiny devices that give me Repetitive Strain Injury and ruin my eyesight and give me a headache and sometimes break for no apparent reason other than that they just don’t love me anymore.

So here’s the nub of it: I’ve decided that everything has to have some sort of physical cover, meaning that each of the items can take a fall once or twice with no serious damage. This is of course not an absolute defence- the amount of phones and MP3 Players I have had in past times is too large a number to say without shame. Phones in particular; the cover policy

cannot apply to my phone because it’s a slider.; it slides right out of my hand. It must simply accept that at any time, it faces falling from my car, my bag, my pocket or my hand. And see, that’s the real problem. Any sensible insurer wouldn’t cover me at all at all. I am, and always will be, a clumsy fool who drops things all the time. Doesn’t spell well for the new iPod now, does it?