Read these and be better with your money

I’m not here to bore the pants off you with an article about money, but I’m here to deliver a cold truth: no matter how much you dislike money and no matter how bad you are with it, your decisions about your finances will define your life much more than you’d like.

For the past two years, I’ve been investigating, researching and reading about money. I’ve read self help books, blogs, Facebook groups, investment literature, and the Financial Times (I know). I’ve learned some stuff about saving and spending, passive incomes and minimizing some aspects of my life to make them cost less. I’ve learned that I can be ethical while also making sure my future is secure.

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Gift books for the knitter in your life

Everyone knows a knitter, whether they’re the type to knit their own socks on the bus or whip up miniature toys for their nieces’ birthdays. Knitting has been celebrating a resurgence in the past few years, with more and more people making use of crafts to exercise dexterity, find a little relaxation and build self-sufficiency.

When I was a kid, it was all about garter stitch scarves and purses, but like all crafty undertakings, knitting has become refreshed and renewed with the new millennium and there are some positively genius folks out there making patterns and breathing new life into time-worn crafts.

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On going back to university to be a writer

I left university in 2012 after four years of reading Law, and I never thought I’d go back. I thought I was done with lectures and reading, writing and researching—but it’s funny how you get drawn back into something almost without thinking about it, when the time comes.

I’ve been writing since I was a small child and felt the thrill of publication for the first time when I was 16. As a little kid, nothing made me happier than making up stories and living them in my head, sometimes for months at a time, trying out different plot points and characters, daydreaming the hours away.

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Digging through Japan’s bookshops

Japan has been on my bucket list since I read Across the Nightingale Floor when I was twelve years old. The tale of the boy Tomasu, turned Takeo and adopted into the Otori clan in feudal times captured my heart. My fascination with Japan kicked off then but somehow I never quite made it there- until this year.

I had expected a sense of culture shock, and Japan met that expectation immediately. The difference in language and expression, culture and lifestyle, are a world away from my life in London. The Japanese people were extremely kind, polite and friendly; they were full of heart and helped us constantly when we were a bit lost or confused.

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