A Yoga Sequence for Reading

Sometimes when I read for too long sitting in the same position, my body gets sore and restless. I’m not sure if this happens to many other people, but when it happens to me, all I want to do is move around. The problem is that if I move around too much, I might lose track of where I am on the page and find myself reading the same sentence over and over again. If I try to read lying down flat, I inevitably drop the book on my face (this has happened to everyone, don’t pretend otherwise). If I try to read while walking around my house, I am infinitely more likely to walk into a corner or a wall (again, I think this is universal)

For a while now, I’ve been doing a yoga sequence while I read. Follow the flow below and hold each pose for as long as feels right for you. These all flow together into a soft yoga sequence that aims to relax. Book at the ready? Here we go…

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Check Yourself: A Critical Analysis of My 2017 Reading

Every year, I try to set myself some sort of reading challenge. Last year I was hoping that 50% of the books I read would be by women, and I went out of my way to make sure that happened. In the spirit of examining my own behaviour, I set out on my 2017 reading journey without any list of books to adhere to, but determined that 10% of everything I read should be by a person of colour, and at least 60% should be written by female voices. At no point in 2017 did I stop to count if I was reaching these goals.

I wanted to explore genres I haven’t been too strong on—some environmental and science titles, some comedy, and some investment in comics. I wanted to read either more books about Ireland, or more books by Irish authors. I wanted to read more sports.

That’s a lot of goals—and to be honest, throughout the year I wasn’t really keeping track. It’s not quite the end of December as of this writing, so I’m not totally finished yet, but I’m stopping the clock to look back.

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Duncan Jones Launches the David Bowie Book Club

David Bowie was a prolific reader, so perhaps it’s not surprising that a book club in his name has been set up by his own son. Duncan Jones made the announcement on Twitter, referring to his father as ‘a beast of a reader’.

Jones didn’t indicate a structure for his book club, but has selected the first book–Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor, and set a completion date of February 1st for anyone who wants to join in.

According to The Telegraph in London, Bowie himself travelled with his own library, books encased in cabinets that developed into an amazing collection over time. He credited his own parents with his fascination for books and noted that reading Kerouac’s On the Roadinspired him to get out of Bromley when he was a teenager.

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