Trying out ‘New Paper’ with the Remarkable Tablet

There’s a little theme in Eat, Pray, Love where Elizabeth Gilbert finds herself attempting to sum herself up in just one word. It’s a bit of a tricky task, but I’m sure everyone else who has read the book has, at some point, tried to work out their word. While on holidays recently, my boyfriend and I set about the task during a long drive.

I worked out that mine is “paper.” I’m fiendish about books and notebooks. I still have concert tickets from when I was 12 years old. I collected brightly coloured sheets of paper as a child. Nothing makes me happier than an unexplored stationery shop or, better yet, an unexplored bookshop. I’ll always prefer a notebook to a screen. But despite that, I’ve lately started to take the environmental cost of paper quite seriously.ReMarkable-Off-e1511821181643-768x1024

Given the amount of paper I get through—in the office, at home planning yoga sessions, during yoga teacher training, when I’m writing my own articles and work, it made sense to think about some kind of tablet option. I hit upon the ReMarkable entirely by accident and placed a pre-order on a whim, back in August. The tablet arrived just last week because the company had a supplier delay, but to their credit, they kept every buyer well informed of the situation as it progressed. I can’t fault them on that front.

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