Books to Push you through Winter Training

Cards on the table: some months ago, I quit my gym membership and decided to continue my fitness regime using just the mean streets of London, England. It was September at the time. The weather was neither hot nor cold. The days were long and evening sunshine was relatively common. I was quite happy with my decision. I signed up for several races and virtual races, getting my body back into the routines of running on the streets instead of on the treadmill.

Of course, this lofty sense of confidence was undone when the clocks went back in late October. The days are shorter now. London is bloody cold, and the rain frequently leaps from the heavens onto my head. Running now has an endurance requirement that it just doesn’t have in summer. The couch begins to look very, very enticing when the wind is slicing through my jacket and the rain is creeping into every nook and cranny.

Still, on I have to run. My love of chocolate and pastry demands persistent exercise and I’d rather run miles than quit the chocs. So, onward and upward. I’ve made this list of books that I find inspiring, either to listen to while running or to read when you finally hit the couch. Sometimes, you need a little motivation to hit the pavement: here it is.

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