The Abortion Debate (The Irish Times, October 2012 )

Letters to the Editor


Sir,- The abortion debate is one that we have been having for decades with no actual solution formed. Considerations of the Catholic Church, the media, the politicians and the lawyers have been heard, listened to, and argued back and forth for what feels like my entire lifetime. I vote that we have it out at last- let the church campaign against abortion, let the pro choice and anti-abortion movements come out with their beliefs. Let the politicians dither over their carefully poised populism; their focus on trying to ensure re-election means many will say nothing about abortion, bu they owe the people of Ireland the right to decide the issue instead of sweeping it under the rug and disrespecting the debate, the judiciary and the thousands of women whose futures are so affected by the absolute lack of decision in this area. This country’s people have every right to determine by majority their own policy on the issue because no government is brave enough to do so.


It is time to let the people of Ireland decide whether the courts were right in 1992. –Yours, etc,
Aisling Twomey