“We, the people of Éire… Do hereby adopt, enact, and give to ourselves this Constitution.” (Evening Echo, October 2011))

The Constitution of the state is something our ancestors fought for- they fought in trench coats and guerilla wars to make sure that we could have it for ourselves. Our government today is playing with it, crucifying parts of it that have withstood almost 75 years of our state’s development.


I’ll vote no to both proposals up for referendum on Thursday. I’m doing that for several reasons- but chief among those reasons is that I don’t think we have been given enough information to allow us to make an educated decision. I vote No to the poor workings of the Referendum Commission; I vote No to the removal of power from the Courts we designate for justice. I vote No to the half thought out proposals, the poor advertisements, the jaded nature of the inaccessible deliberations.

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